Thursday, August 28, 2014

Why Nokia XL is one of the best Smartphone today

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Again, Nokia made it, they launched the big daddy of android device the Nokia XL.

With the 5inch display of the Nokia XL made it small in Nokia X and X+, with a price approximately $150 - $160 there are bunch of affordable smartphones that are released nowadays but you can’t find the great quality as the Nokia made.

Nokia XL comes with a 1GHz dual core Snapdragon Processor, 4GB Internal storage, 768MB Ram, 2MP front camera and 5MP back camera. Considering the price, it’s good because there a feature where you can expand your microSD card and also Nokia XL is a dual sim.

Nokia XL made a heavy modification because it build on the Android open source platform. Currently Nokia X software platform 1.0.1 not good as iOS 7 or even android Kitkat but it’s a good start. Nokia ignored Google cloud in favor of Microsoft, making sure that Nokia XL still has got a main integration.

When you are going to check further Nokia XL has a bigger range of apps than the Windows Phone Lumia handsets, despite of the fact that you can’t go via Google Play.  Rather you can use Nokia own store offering much more chosen variety of android applications. If you can’t see the app you want to download you may use a third party store to get the app you want.

Personally I really want to have one of this Nokia XL because the colorful design. You can choose variety of colors with this smartphone.  Check below the video of Nokia XL from PhoneArena


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