Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Cheap Android Smartphones Comes at Blu Studio

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Affordable Android phones are set for purchase from Blu Studio, which now releasing new
economical and unlocked Smartphones targeting North American.

Blu Studio C is able to connect to any GSM Networks in the US, meaning you can take this Smartphone to any cell phone carrier and will be activated and work instantly

Samuel Ohev-Zion, CEO of BLUE Products stated "Blu is dedicated to continue bringing consumers choice in the way of unlocked Smartphones, driven by the demand for affordable quality devices and the freedom of selecting their airtime provider, thus by eliminating the dependency of locked devices which the network carrier has to offer."

We will continue to fundamentally change the mobile industry by making great looking Smartphones that can do amazing things, priced for everyone"

Blu states that the aim is to show the standard population that there is no require investing hundred of bucks for a smartphone.

Studio C string phones have big displays, stable camera and quick processing, providing it a knee up on other low end smartphones available. In addition there are 6 different color choices and Blue considers it as a profitable product selection.

This 4.7inch display features HD with 8.0MP camera and 294 ppi pixel density; also include the LED Flash and full HD recording, this enables users to take sharp photos or record while on the move.

With the price of 149USD through Amazon this smartphone are more likely to be well known for people looking to get a smartphone although who doesn’t the high price like Apple and Samsung.

Smartphone industry has observed a increased in this summer, as Amazon released its primary smartphone product. Still the battle of cheapest smartphones are on the move, smart buyer will grab where they can satisfy their needs


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