Monday, July 27, 2015

World most expensive iPhones

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When it comes to smartphones and other tech devices Apple is one of the lists. Every device they release is indeed a big wow. In other hand, while Apple Company is producing innovative smartphones there are some people want it to the next level and designers are already made these iPhones into the next level as well as the price go extend to the most expensive iPhone in the world.

Below is a dropping jaw expensive iPhone. The next level of iPhone

Goldstriker iPhone 4G Diamond Edition

Goldstriker International Stuart Hughes offers the iPhone 4G Diamond Edition, most likely the first of a collection of high end version of Apple’s latest iPhone. Hughes has embellished the smartphone surrounding metal group with 6.5 carats of WS diamonds and at the back he recreated Apple’s logo in a platinum and diamonds. This iPhone 4G Diamond Edition has 32GB of memory and it is factory unlocked so you can really enjoy regardless of your provider. Furthermore, it comes with an ostrich-foot wallet with pouches that you can store 4 credit cards. They are only 50 units created for the Goldstriker iPhone 4G Diamond Edition, and the price is $19,460.

Peter Aloisson’s iPhone Princess Plus

The Princess Plus acquired its name from the Princess cut used in 138 of the 318 diamond on its outside part. Other 180 diamonds on the phone were brilliant cut. Overall, the smartphone has 17.75 carats of diamonds in 18k white gold all around casing. The iPhone Princess Plus is costing a $176,400 while the more brilliant type cost $66,150. 

Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone

This Kings Button iPhone is just like its forerunner, the jeweled iPhone. However, this time Peter Aloisson had the iPhone 3G to put some brightness for those who have bigger spending budget.  The 138 brilliant cut diamonds put in the sides of the phone but the real deal is the home button a rare white diamond that has a 6.6 carat. And the price is a jaw dropping $2.4 million.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Aside from Goldstriker iPhone 4G Diamond Edition Stuart Hughes other big creation is the Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme. It features a housing made form 271 grams of solid 22k gold and the screen cut with 53 1-carat diamonds. Home button is coated with a rare 7.1 carat diamond. Furthermore, the iPhone 3GS Supreme comes with a chest made from a single block of granite and sports with Kashmir gold, inside lining made with top grain leather. And the price is shining as the diamond $3.2 million.

Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

iPhone 3GS Supreme is pretty impressive right? But check this iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. Hughes recreated the famous iPhone 4 along with its backplate using rose gold. This decorated with 100 carats of flawless diamonds and Apple logo is formed with more than fifty three diamonds. Just like the Supreme the home button is the eye catching because it made of platinum and has a rare 7.4 carat pink diamond that’s why the price of this smartphone is a jaw dropping of $8 million.

Indeed this designer create a history in iPhone putting it to the next level and the price is really incomparable.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Good News: Kernel source unveiled by Xiaomi for Mi4i

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With this source customers will more enjoy their handsets with the access to the kernel codes.  The company has already been able to build the kernels which can simply match with the ROM and furthermore the MIUI stock expertise. This particular is something that was in style for the Samsung and Nexus smartphones. Getting this kernel for improved battery life is certainly great.

Xiaomi is definitely popular in China since the past few years because of the cheap smartphones with unexpected great features. The company has recently entered in India and they additionally plan t have a lot more smartphones released in India. They came into the market with the Mi4i, which is very cheap handset for the Indian market. Xiaomi Mi4i is cost at Rs. 14,999 approximately $236. 

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Xiaomi has a plan that there will be more affordable smartphones for the Indian markets as the demand is extremely high. The sad part is the higher authorities of the company verified that they have determined to keep these smartphones limited only for India and Indonesia.

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