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Cellular country complaints: Nokia Cell phones that never be forgotten

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Back in the days, basic phones are very popular, durable and have a huge battery life, in every single charge you can use the phone within 3 to 5 days.

I start using cell phone and my very first phone is the Nokia 3210. This phone is very tough, I accidentally drop it many times and still working just some few scratches in housing. And to help you bring back Nokia memories are this five Nokia cell phone below that surely you never forget.

Nokia 8210

This cellphone was announced and released in 1999, at that time the Nokia 8210 is the lightest and smallest Nokia cell phone on the market, this phone can customize its design with a removable xpress-on covers or housing. There are six different coloured Xpress-on covers available however third party designs are more demand that time because you can actually pick your own design and put it on the cover. The 8210 has a 650mAh Li-Ion battery.

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Nokia 3310

This Nokia 3310 is actually a GSM mobile phone introduced on September 1, 2000 and released in the fourth quarter of the year, for the replacement of the Nokia 3210(my favorite among Nokia cellphone).

The Nokia 3310 sold incredibly well, being one of the successful cell phone with 126 million units sold worldwide.

The body dimensino of this cellphone is 4.45x1.89x0.87 in. Battery has 900mAh NiMH that can able to use talk time of 2hours and 30mins up to 3hours. standby time is 55 hours to 260 hours.

Nokia 3210

As I mention earlier this Nokia 3210 is my favorite in all Nokia cellphone released.

The Nokia 3210 has a total weight of 153g. This cellphone features a personalized housing like the Nokia 3310. This is the first huge market phone with internal antenna, after the feature had been presented by Nokia on the luxury phone 8810 in 1998. This Nokia 3210 was designed by Alastair Curtis in Nokia Los Angeles Design Center. If you have this cellphone back then I'm sure that you enjoy the playing the classic snake.

Nokia 1100

This cellphone is a basic GSM produced by Nokia, 250 million units have been sold since the release in late 2003, making it the world best selling cell phone and the best selling consumer electronic device all around the globe.

The Nokia 1100 has a measurement of 4.17 x 1.81 x 0.79 in and 850mAh Li-Ion battery that can hold for up to 400 hours in stand by mode and 4 hours and 30minutes talk time.

and lastly,

Nokia 5110

Also know as the Nokia 5146 on One2One, or nk402 on Orange in UK, was designed for the customer market. It is designed from the same platform as the Nokia 6110 for business market, featuring similar simpler, refurbished user interface, but no infrared.

The Nokia 5110 is bit larger than the previous mentioned above having a body dimension of 5.20 x 1.87 x 1.22in. Battery is Li-Po 600mAh that can enable to standby with 40-180 hours.

What can you say about these Nokia goodies, in my personal opinion the Nokia is an eye opener of cell phone evolutions. What is your thought about it? Share comment below.


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