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Saturday, March 8, 2014

New HTC One - Dual Camera Lens Noticed

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Last March 25th the news regarding the All New HTC One simply just a several of days  
apart, the fresh proposed media give of the actual mobile phone has got appeared on the internet describing the camera set up.

The supposed released All New HTC One photo via @evleaks apparently a mass media establish, reveals the higher half shape of the smartphone rear panel. The photo reveals the camera lens bounded through a metallic edge, together with the dual-tone LED flash, identical to which found within the iPhone 5S.

Furthermore apparent within the leaked out photo is one more lens positioned on top of the very first, yet it is intent is still uncertain. This added lens positioned on the top, based to several concepts may possibly improve the All New HTC One camera through providing various levels of areas when capturing a video or an image.

Friday, February 28, 2014

The New Huawei TalkBank B1: What's Inside?

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Tech manufacturers offer us new gadgets each day and now Huawei introduced their
Huawei TalkBankd B1 lately revealed their own newest in gizmos and technology along their new Smartwatch, made simply like the Sony and Samsung smart watches which has available not too long ago.

Huawei Talkband B1 had been documented to be introduced on the second half of the year however the Chinese technology company amazed people because they launched their newest device this particular week in Barcelona. The Talkband B1 had been cost for $140 which is actually the normal price for health and fitness and smart watches within the industry today and is considerably more affordable compare to Samsung alternatives Galaxy Gear and the smart watches 2 from Sony.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Guidelines for Buying Mobile Phones

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Early mobile phones are heavy and bulk handed-held telecom device with antenna that could be pulled out for better reception. However, today cell phones are lightweight weight, slim, small, and pretty good looking and have inbuilt antennas that supply clear reception and increased voice quality.
Because cell phones area unit very easy to use and portable they need become the selection of most callers, and a lot of therefore for those that area unit on the move frequently. Cell phones are often outlined as low-power, two-ways radios having one channel that facilitates communication.

If you're obsessed buying mobile phones, you need to know some important features of the phone. Let’s check out how you can buy and save mobile phone.

Some mobile phones price starts as low as $20.00 depends on the quality, simplicity of the phone, there are many other rare technology and remarkable designs that cost $400 and up. With such alteration in price, it becomes extremely hard to find a cell phone that provides you most everything you need as well as features you even don’t need. Yet, if you don’t need some options that area unit a part of the service you've got opted for, you'll be able to merely request your mobile service supplier or MSP to cancel the extra options and create substantial savings.

The 3 most important things you need to know before buying mobile phone:

Friday, November 29, 2013

What are disadvantages of BlackBerry Z10?

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BlackBerry Z10 heralds the comeback of the fallen director within the smartphone market.

It is a clean break in the past having a large touch screen and novel OS, however the same business attitude that managed to get the favourite of office residents all over the world. Except, this time around BB has additionally added a touch of fun.

BlackBerry's earlier generation of touch-driven mobile phones felt nearly the same as Nokia's early tries to knock Symbian fit for touch screen. Using Z10, nonetheless the organization put everything out and began fresh.

Z10 a modern operating-system having a completely new gesture-based interface and

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Self Healing and Durability : LG G FLex

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You read it right finally mobile phone that scratch free! the so called self healing and 
durability of the LG G Flex helping the device back recover from scratches within a few minutes that's the LG. Simple scratches from keys or even knife can slowly disappear in to the back case, Heat is the major healing process by rubbing your hands into the cover lower the scratch faster.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mobile Malware Targets Android

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 [News] Android now have a threats from a malware, the current Mobile Threat reports from secure shows some beginning statistics especially when in comes to android. 259 or more had threats family and alternatives had detected across the android os, with horrible 252 of them found in android itself other remaining found in Symbian OS and Nokia. while BlackBerry and Windows Phone or iOS are no threats.

Treats consists mainly a Trojans the biggest percentage of which are targeted at mobile banking. A huge primary of mobile banking Trojan viruses have the SMSSpy variety, which goal to intercept SMS messages sent from banks by means of secondary or two-step authentication of user qualifications or online transactions. F-Secure also detected huge count of PUA or the Potentially Unwanted Applications which undesirable functionality of inadvertently introduce security risk, the SMSSpy alter from other malware as it does not descend from a single undescribed source code.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is Nokia Lumia 820 Better Than Iphone 5?

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Have you consider your self to have a Nokia Lumia 820 - the colorful Windows Phone 8
smartphone that everyone will impress. after you read this maybe you will change your mind to buy one of this mobile phone.

Announced September 2012 and released November at the same year - One of the high-end smartphone develop by Nokia is the Lumia 820 it is the successor of the Nokia Lumia 800. Lumia 820 is the first Nokia product that implemented Windows Phone 8 alongside the Nokia Lumia 920. Lumia 820 and 800 are almost the same when it comes to their appearance. The Lumia 820 is carries plenty of unique features and costs less than the Lumia 920, making a tempting offer for anyone considering making the move to Microsoft OS. Lumia 820 is the major improved over its predecessor, with 4.3 inches diagonal AMOLED display - scratch resistant glass, though lacking Gorilla Glass protection, 1.5 GHz dual core processor and with 8 megapixel camera, also with LTE connectivity and a wireless charging option. Lumia 820 is Windows phone OS based.