Saturday, October 10, 2015

Complaints about iPhone 6s scratches on display

Posted by Arthur Oscar on Saturday, October 10, 2015 with 1 comment
Users of iPhone 6s are apparently finding scratches on the display, pointing to an extensive
concern among users. It is not clear as to what leading to this matter; however it is getting suspected that the 3D Touch sensor might be the responsible.

The concern is assumed to be so prevalent that Apple Company may even consider a recall of the damaged goods. While the problem may be separated and restricted to merely a few items. Apple is well known when it comes to maintaining of high standard with its products, but in some cases pursuit of invention and putting new features, even in large companies can ignore certain elements that might bother them in the long run. Similar complaints were brought up when Apple Maps was introduced in 2012.

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Scott Forstall, Head of iOS was dismissed after Apple Maps problem, as he declined to sign an apology letter given by the company. The manager looking over Apple Maps, Richard Williamson, was also let go through the company almost instantly after news concerning Apple Map’s disparity shattered away.

Therefore, we can anticipate the similar circumstances for some Apple workers from these newest complaints if it’s discovered to be extensive.

The Apple iPhone 6s will be released in India on October 16th with many merchants already getting pre orders.

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