Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mobile Malware Targets Android

Posted by Arthur Oscar on Thursday, November 14, 2013 with 1 comment
 [News] Android now have a threats from a malware, the current Mobile Threat reports from secure shows some beginning statistics especially when in comes to android. 259 or more had threats family and alternatives had detected across the android os, with horrible 252 of them found in android itself other remaining found in Symbian OS and Nokia. while BlackBerry and Windows Phone or iOS are no threats.

Treats consists mainly a Trojans the biggest percentage of which are targeted at mobile banking. A huge primary of mobile banking Trojan viruses have the SMSSpy variety, which goal to intercept SMS messages sent from banks by means of secondary or two-step authentication of user qualifications or online transactions. F-Secure also detected huge count of PUA or the Potentially Unwanted Applications which undesirable functionality of inadvertently introduce security risk, the SMSSpy alter from other malware as it does not descend from a single undescribed source code.

The easiest way to find out malware into your device is the personally accessing your device. As lot of android malware forms and targeting silently send premium rate calls and messages, dam superior-rate services at the operator level can minimize financial losses even in malware get installed

The F-secure strongly recommend just download android apps at the Play Store and pay attention closely to app permissions when installing or updating apps this third party apps - PocketPermissions and PermissionDog can help explain many of the usual-obscure permission requests, Also the Lookout antivirus is recommended.

Lesson: never download app that's not worth, download app that can used and can help you.

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  1. so far I don't have any issue at my android.