Sunday, October 13, 2013

How to fix Blue Screen of Death on iPhone 5S?

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You think windows have Blue Screen error? well think again even iPhone have blue screen of death  now. The Blue Screen of Death or so called BSOD.

Some Apple iOS 7 users experiencing  blue screen of death -  a bright lube screen and then
iPhone 5s Blue Screen of Death
reboot. This scenario usually happen in a computer now its on iPhone. Since the big news came out iPhone 5s users are now continue to discover the new bug in iOS 7  so called the - "blue screen of death" or BSOD o be shorten.

Early of September user of iPhone posted to a forum in what they experience about BSOD, which appears to be tied up to iDrop - a new way to quick and easily share content with people nearby. On Apple community forum user posted "how do i resolve the blue screen error while using iWork on my iPhone 5S? When I used pages, for example, and press the home button to switch apps, my iPhone restarts after a blue screen".

Another forum users posted " I am having same issue. I tried the 'turn off pages access to icloud' but that did not solve the issue, and I am still getting the blue screen of death with Pages on the iPhone. Pages runs fine on my iPad."

User also experiencing some issue shows multitasking between apps seems to trigger BSOD"

some user have Idea how to deal with it - user said is to turn off pages, Numbers and keynote from iClouds documents and date. "It worked on mine"

Fixing added:  "double clicking to switch apps also appears to work"

Apple people has yet to comment in this issue. So far BSOD is the only bug that has been found in Apple latest mobile. After days release of Iphone 5S some user discover way to bypassing the lock screen - swiping continuously the control center and then opening the alarm clock and holding down the phone's sleep button.

Below you can see a you tube video from Elendil about the Blue Screen Of Death.


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